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BDSMSingles Review


Overall Review

As the name implies, BDSMSingles is for singles that want to explore BDSM, fetish, kinks and get a BDSM partner. The site has been launched since 1995. The site has a range of services for its users.

There is a free trial period for members to access the features on the site. During this period, you may be lucky to land a BDSM partner. Users who have not been able to achieve this can subscribe to a premium plan after the trial is over.

Free users can access the Live shows where women exhibit their nudity. Users love webcam ladies as they can enjoy a personalized experience with the lady at a specific price. Since it is an adult site, it offers a little bit of pornography for users.

Signup is easy on BDSMSingles. The algorithm traces your IP address to know your location and connect members with other interested users that are near you. You should be truthful when creating your profile as it can include important details like what you are into – ships, dominant, and submissive are examples.

Also, users are to answer some "yes or no" questions and fill in their ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, and even hair color. Other questions are open-ended but critical. They help to attract an interested member.

You can know the number of users online to contact them. You can rest assured that they will respond swiftly since you are online.

The uninteresting part of BDSMSingles is that there are many ads on the site. Also, the interface looks amateur if compared with other top adult sites.

Pros and Cons


  • The platform offers a free trial which allows users to get partners

  • A helpful site for people interested in BDSM

  • The platform is friendly to LGBTQ+

  • You can easily sign up in a few minutes

  • The site is dummy proof and safe from fraudulent accounts


  • There are so many ads on the platform

  • Free users are restricted once their trial period is over

  • There is no app version for the site


The key features of BDSMSingles are:

The Little Black Book

This feature is for members to add other users to a list. However, there must be mutual consensus from the other member. The feature allows you to access their private photos and IM chat.

Rapid Match

Compatibility is an integral feature of any dating site. BDSMSingles plays an important role to help users get a perfect match. This feature helps a member scan through the member pool, check other people's profiles, and decide if they want to connect with them.

Live Cam

As described above, you can enjoy some stimulation on the platform with other ladies. This is a free feature for everyone. However, you can pay for a personalized live cam experience.

Forums and Chatrooms

It is not enough to only get a partner; there are some educative sessions that will help to get a quality experience. You can share ideas in these chat rooms and even get to know more about another person.

Notification of Fraud

As commonly found on adult sites, fraud is a possibility on BDSMSingles. Thanks to the platform; there are helpful notifications that warn users about SPAM profiles. Your safety is paramount to the site.

As a new user, you can learn how to navigate the site. There are fake profiles and bots that are looking for who to dupe. The site creates a section that informs users on how to avoid such a profile and be on the watch.


You can enjoy a free trial as a new user. This period gives you access to many features. However, it becomes important to pay a token once the trial period is over. Here is the price breakdown:

  • 1 month is $29.95

  • 3 months is at $13.33 per month.

You would agree that it is more economical to subscribe to a longer plan. That is a 55% savings as compared with one month.

Number and Structure of Users 

The number and structure of users on BDSMSingles are fascinating. As stated earlier, you can see the number of users actively online. However, the figures may not be accurate as a free user or during your free trial period.

There are more males than females on BDSMSingles. According to statistics, the ratio of males is 67% while that of the female is 33%. 86% of both genders are Caucasian. Finally, most users are between the ages of 35 and 55 years.

Many users have confirmed how they met their desired BDSM partners on this platform. You should subscribe as a premium member with a little token for maximum benefits.


BDSMSingles has built a strong reputation for its brand. It is a safe environment for people who want to explore the fetish world, know sub and dom, how to find a dom and sub near me. You can enjoy a free trial for some days and decide to subscribe afterward.

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