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Best 11 Affair Sites for Cheating Spouses in 2023

affair dating for cheating spouses

Sometimes, despite our best intentions, and endless amounts of effort and energy, we find ourselves in unfulfilling relationships. Unfortunately, when children, assets, and many other factors are involved, it’s not always as simple as choosing to end the relationship.

Whether it be for practical reasons, or just because you find the thought of a spicy, secret encounter to be exhilarating, you are probably here because you have found yourself in the category of “married but looking”. When you’re looking for a discreet affair, the good news is that there are affair dating sites made especially with cheating spouses in mind.

Here, we are going to take a deep dive into some of the cheating sites to find affair partners that will really get your heart racing. So, if you’re ready to take the next steps, be sure to read on for information on the best affair sites the internet has to offer.

And, don’t worry. These affair dating sites are a haven for cheating spouses. They are all built on a foundation of discretion, anonymity, and security. That means that you can have your cake and eat it too - go about your business (and pleasure), and nobody in your life needs to be any the wiser.

We have put in the time and effort to research and compile the 11 best affair sites for you to sink your teeth into - and here they are.

11 Best Affair Sites for Cheating Your Spouses

1. AshleyMadison

It’s no secret that AshleyMadison has carved out a name for itself in helping clients find affair partners. For this reason, you would struggle to find affair sites that match the discretion and anonymity that you receive when you sign up for this platform.

It really is a paradise for cheating spouses, and because everyone is on the same page, you can easily find a no-strings-attached affair partner to have secret rendezvous encounters with - all on your terms.


  • You will find a large user base with the same goal as you

  • Signing up is fast and easy

  • You can browse member profiles for free

  • You have the ability to remain as anonymous and discreet as you need

  • Female users can send messages for free


  • Male users need to pay to send messages

  • The majority of the user base falls into the category of middle-aged men

  • There are a large number of incomplete profiles to navigate

2. AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder really is the adult dating site for every need. When you’re searching for affair dating sites, this platform could be the one for you. Known for its reputation in the online dating and sexual exploration world, AdultFriendFinder is somewhat of a legend. With the ability to dive into a sea of kinks, personalities, preferences, physical appearances, fantasies, and so much more, you certainly won’t struggle to find a sexy affair partner near you.

Following a fast and easy registration process, you will be welcomed into a community made up of 80M+ users, all with similar interests and goals as yourself. With a user base this extensive, you will be able to connect with a large range of active members and take advantage of the extensive communication tools - chat, groups, blogs, and of course photo and video sharing.


  • The huge member base means you can satiate any desire

  • Profiles are very detailed, which helps to assess compatibility

  • Members can sign up as singles, poly couples, groups, or swingers, so you never know who you could meet

  • The groups, blogs, chat, photo, video sharing, and live-streaming functions are impressive


  • Whilst some features are accessible to members for free, you will need to upgrade to a premium membership to browse full profiles

3. Heated Affairs

heated affairs

Promoting itself as the easiest way to find extramarital arrangements, it’s no surprise that this platform is on our list as one of the best cheating sites to find affair partners.

There is certainly a large community of users, just waiting to mingle with and have flirty and dirty-minded encounters with on this site.

Upon signing up, and signing in each time, you’ll be taken to the dashboard which is full of recent status updates - essentially a sea of sexy photos and videos that are waiting to greet you. You can view the comments, and add your own if that takes your fancy.


  • It feels interactive, with the live status updates rolling in

  • The ability to leave comments of encouragement is a nice touch

  • The live cam functions can really get your motor running


  • If you’re looking for cheating spouses in the younger demographic you may be disappointed, with most of the users being women over 40

  • There are potentially a number of fake profiles swimming around

4. NoStringsAttached


When it comes to cheating sites, this one really offers what the name implies- fun encounters with no strings attached. If you’re looking for affair partners, there are plenty of cheating spouses present on this site who are in exactly the same situation as you.

The average age range of the user base is in the 25-40 bracket which is quite appealing, and it is quite easy to find a discreet affair partner on this site.


  • User-friendly interface

  • The profiles are of a high standard

  • Quick and easy registration process


  • The features available to free users are limited

5. Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan

If you feel trapped in a monogamous relationship and are looking for a discreet affair, then this may just be the platform for you. Whether close or far from home, you’ll have access to a wide network of other married and single people looking for their own adventures.

Boasting a private, secure, and safe experience on one of the more thrilling affair sites, you can keep all details hidden from your significant other easily and it will remain your little secret.


  • There is a Panic Button feature to avoid detection

  • Many fun features make it exciting

  • Total discretion is guaranteed


  • The featured users function is great but as they are worldwide you’ll likely never meet them

  • The Panic Button feature doesn’t exist on the app version

6. is positively bursting at the seams with interactive features and seductive photos to get you in the mood. After signing up, it won’t take long before you are invited for hot and steamy hookups, both virtually and in “real life”. For this reason, there’s a very good chance you’ll find other cheating spouses looking for a discreet affair in no time.

This platform really bucks the trend of most other sites of its kind, which are usually way outnumbered by male users. On the flip side, actually has around five times more female users, all waiting to talk to you.


  • You will be welcomed into a large client base of over 90 million users

  • Unlike other platforms swimming in men, female members outweigh males

  • Features chatrooms for connecting with like-minded people

  • Impressive filtering, by kinks etc.

  • You can peruse the blog content, or even write your own


  • Standard members receive limited access

  • There is no ability to view profiles for free

  • The photos posted are not reviewed or regulated

7. BeNaughty


The BeNaughty community is a great place to connect and find affair partners. If you’re a pleasure-seeker, searching for a sexy encounter and liven up your life - and bed - then look no further.

The registration process is simple, and the live messaging feature is quick and easy. After applying the smart search filters, you can even send a mass message to everyone who matches your preferences.

Swipe until your heart's content, through a bevy of sexy profiles. You can even add members to your mutual match list, to bookmark them for later. Break the ice with Prospective play partners and establish a spark that needs to be experienced in real life.


  • Taking security seriously, the Safe Mode feature only allows verified users to reach out to you

  • Any fake profiles you encounter can easily be removed by reporting them to the admin

  • The registration process is fast and easy, with optional full verification measures available


  • Male members can’t make the first move with communication without a premium subscription

  • The app is only for Android users, with no iOS solution as yet

  • Photos in user’s albums are blurred until you upgrade your plan

8. Married Secrets

If your day-to-day family life just isn’t thrilling enough for you anymore, but you can’t take the chance of your life falling apart, then it may be time to hit up one of the cheating sites like Married Secrets.

This is a platform built for the thousands of men and women who long for a space to connect with other cheating spouses in a discreet way. This site has been providing just that for over 17 years, so it can be trusted.


  • Very active user base with a high reply rate

  • Quality matching

  • Meet a younger (mid-20s) demographic


  • Detailed searching by cities or regions is not available

  • The search filtering leaves a little to be desired overall

  • Not a very aesthetically-pleasing interface

9. Gleeden


Visit Gleeden

After an easy sign-up process, you will be welcomed into Gleeden’s home screen featuring the “members of the day”. This is a selection of the newest users as well as those currently online and ready to be flirted with. These are based on an algorithm within the site that tries to show you the people you’d be interested in meeting.

Delving deeper than some of the other affair sites, Gleeden wants to know about more than your appearance and sexual appetite. It tries to encourage you to share your personality, hobbies, preferences and more.


  • User-friendly experience

  • Lots of women, unlike other affair sites

  • Profiles are very detailed


  • The pay-per-conversation system can get expensive

  • Not many profiles have public photos

10. Spiced Up Affairs

Spiced Up Affairs is different to other cheating sites. It is less of a dating site and more of a tutorial for all things related to conducting extramarital affairs.

Full of resources including site reviews, and guides including “how to have an affair” and “how to seduce a married woman”, it can be a one-stop shop of information when it comes to looking for a discreet affair.


  • Lots of handy tips and resources to help on your quest for an affair

  • Links to live cam shows to get you in the mood


  • Unlike other affair sites, there is no ability to actually meet or browse potential affair partners on this site



As a member of when you're looking for affair partners, the good news is that you can view all of your matches and even see who has been viewing your profile for free. Additionally, you can even read the first message without payment being required.

The roulette-style matchmaking function makes it easy to quickly see who is available, or else you can search on your own terms. Either way, you can favourite the contacts you want to explore further.


  • You can receive a 3-day trial membership to see if it's the best of the cheating sites for you

  • Satisfaction is guaranteed, so you can request a refund if it’s not what you’re expecting

  • They have moderators and anti-scam measures in place to keep members safe


  • You need to call the customer service team in order to request a refund

  • The chat rooms are very male-dominated

  • No mobile app is available at this time

What is an affair?

In simple terms, an affair is a secret relationship that is undertaken when one or both parties are married or already in committed, monogamous relationships. Though the black-and-white approach to an unhappy marriage would be to break up with your partner and move on with your life, that’s not always the best option.

If you can’t risk an acrimonious separation having a negative impact on your reputation and relationship with your family, friends, and children, then you may be tempted to find an affair partner to spend some time with.

Are affair and cheating sites safe?

As with any website that relies on people interacting with each other - whether it be marketplaces, traditional dating sites, or affair sites, the owners of the platform can only ensure safety to a certain point. They have no control over the intention and behaviours of their users, so there is a level of common sense required to maintain your safety on any of these cheating sites.

In this modern, technologically advanced world we are living in, there is certainly no shortage of scammers and other nefarious characters. For this reason, when it comes to affair sites, it’s important to keep your wits about you.

For one thing, never disclose any identifying personal information about yourself such as the location of your home or workplace. Also, when taking an online connection into the real world, it’s a good idea to meet in a public place to ensure they are who they say they are.

Another tip that can be useful, if it’s possible, is to have a friend you are always sharing your location with, or who knows where you will be. Granted, given the nature of your affair-seeking activities, it may not be possible to share what you’re up to with anyone else - but where you can, it’s a good idea.

How do I select the best affair site for cheating on my spouse?

There are so many options when it comes to cheating sites, so you have no shortage of platforms that you could turn to in order to find an affair partner.

You ideally need to find an affair dating site that understands you require discretion and security, and that can offer a large member base, a user-friendly interface, and a range of impressive features.

How do I find a discreet affair partner on cheating sites?

One of the main drawcards of a cheating site, as opposed to a traditional dating site, is that all parties know exactly what they are getting into. If you were to sign up for a site like Tinder, chances are you would be judged, ignored, and potentially exposed by the morally superior members, upon finding out about your marital status.

In addition, there is already enough secrecy and sneaking around involved in an affair lifestyle. Why not make it easier on yourself by meeting people who you can be completely transparent with? On an affair dating site like AshleyMadison, you can find someone who you’re on the same page with, who knows the score right from day one, and who won’t pressure you or require any more than you are willing to offer them.

What about entirely free affair sites?

We can't recommend free platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, and social groups when commencing and conducting affairs. This is because some of the critical elements you are paying for when you register for an affair site are discretion and security.

Think about what would happen if your affair, or search for a fling, was discovered. Would you lose your marriage, children, home, reputation, money, and more? For this reason, isn’t the affordable subscription fee worth the peace of mind?

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