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Ashley Madison Review


Overall Review

Ashley Madison is an easy-to-access adult affair website with more than 70% active audience. The site has over a million profiles with an average age of 24 to 35. There are hardly any cases of fraud on the site as users hardly report such occurrences.

You can register for free on the site to connect with other individuals that may be interested in cougar dating. It was created in 2001 for people interested in extramarital affairs. These affairs are peculiar to people already in relationships and may not be able to due to their marriages.

Based on the popular review, the site has consistently satisfied people's needs. At the moment, you will find different people with all kinds of sexual orientations and activities on the site. The platform has gathered enough attention to be a perfect sugar momma cougar site.

To use the site or app, you will need to set up your profile with a short registration process. More so, it is advisable that you add sufficient information to the profile page to have a better ranking when other members search.

As a member, you can give gifts to other members or even chat with them. You can explore its different communication channels to connect with people. It has several features like “wink, private showcase, and favorite list.

There are other functions that help people to enjoy the site or app. They include adding photos to your profile to make it enticing. However, only people you give access to are allowed to check your images.

Pros and Cons

An important consideration anyone should have before they use a product, service, or site is to compare its pros and cons. Here are some pros and cons of Ashley Madison.


  • Easy navigation for the site

  • Quality interface

  • Large database of members with different preference

  • There are few bots due to the high-end security measures of the site

  • Difference channels of communication for paid membership

  • Free membership benefits for women in search of men


  • A need for a match to begin a conversation

  • No public forums to chat with people

  • No periodic package

  • The damaged reputation of the brand due to its previous data hack record

  • The pricing structure is complicated

  • Customer service takes a long time to reply


There are several features users can enjoy on Ashley Madison. However, you have to sign up first using the site or app. The entire process of signing up will take five minutes. It is advisable that you do not rush the entire process to choose a quality picture as its display picture.

If you are uncertain about the site, you can blur your display picture or hide half the image. As a result, your profile is safe and anonymous. Nevertheless, you need to provide your email address and create a nickname. Note that, there may be similar profiles protecting their real identity just like you.

The features are:

Travel Features

An outstanding feature of Ashley Madison is that you can use the platform during trips. This means that you can employ the filter in your search results. Hence, you can easily get in contact with other members on the site that may be in or around your current location.


Messaging feature helps to communicate and interact with people. Women can enjoy this feature for free to connect with men. You can check people's profiles to begin to message them.

However, as a messaging feature, you will need credits to message people. Click on the messaging icon on people's profiles – it is titled "Message Me."

Virtual Gifts

Getting virtual gifts on Ashley Madison is a way to show love. However, if you have credits, you can spend them on virtual gifts to get the perfect match. Your quality of gift can mean you would pay about 50 credits to send virtual gifts to other members.

Message Plus

Message Plus is a paid feature. Message plus helps users of the app to reply to messages without exhausting their credits. In cases where one could have used their credits, they can keep chatting with use they once paid to connect with. The sweeter part is that you can use the feature with no credible plan for the first 30 days.


You can wink to get the attention of other members. It is an opportunity to meet and interact with new people without proper communication.

Priority Man

The "Priority Man" feature is for premium users. As the name implies, the feature ranks you above other competition in your neighborhood. Ashley Madison helps to highlight your profile whenever anyone conducts a search in your local area.

Panic Button

The Panic Button is an emergency button to log users out with a single click. Similarly, it directs you to another website that may be family-friendly.

Favorite Feature

The favorite feature is out to help you add members that you frequently relate with. You can easily keep tabs on their profiles or check out their recent images to see how things work.


Pricing on Ashley Madison does not apply to women who want to connect with men on the same platform. However, other users are required to have a subscription package or credit. They are different prices for different packages. They are as follows:

  • Basic: $59 for 100 credits

  • Classic: $169 FOR 500 credits

  • Elite: $289 for 1000 credits.


These packages help you to start new conversations. However, the Elite package offers more as it highlights your profile for 30 days. Also, you can enjoy up to 24 hours as a Priority Man and for free chat.

You need these credits to share images, view profiles, or even wink at someone. You can add credits to initiate conversations, send personalized and priority messages, send gifts, and more. Additionally, being out of credit should not stop you from contacting a fellow user – however, they will agree to pay five credits to chat with you.

It cost fourteen credits to send a personalized or highlighted message. Also, you can contact a female user with just nine credits.

Ashley Madison has a pricey credit plan. Much more, the credit system could be difficult to understand. Here is a breakdown of how credits work;

You have to pay five credits to connect with another user – either to send a message or opened a message sent by another. Similarly, you will need credits to chat with the user – the longer time you spend chatting, the more credit you will have to use. Also, you will expend 50 credits to have an hour of live chat with another user. Much more, you will have to pay more credits at the end of the hour.

You will need to send “virtual gifts” to Ashley Madison if you want to attract another user. As you would expect, the gifts will cost a lot of credits. Tangibly, you will need 20 to 50 credits.

Conclusively, the platform may be favorable for a woman. However, a man has to pay more – every interaction has its credits. You may have to top up your account several times.

Is Ashley Madison Legal?

Ashely Madison is a legit site. Nevertheless, your expectations should be checked. The question of legitimacy always features because one may be worried about the degree of real users or possible scammers on the app as common with hookup sites.

The truth is that there are scammers that only want to collect your money. However, this experience is not peculiar to only Ashley Madison. The site still remains a legit place to seek hook up and an extramarital affairs. There is always a person on the site that shares similar sexual desires as you do.

Here are a few tips to give you a pleasant experience on Ashley Madison:

  1. Always watch out for scammers

  2. Examine your credits

  3. Be ready to meet all kinds of people on the site

  4. Be direct about your expectations

  5. Don’t pretend to be another character

  6. Ensure your profile is proper crafted

Safety on Ashley Madison

Safety has always been a topic for debate on Ashley Madison. Many users are worried about the privacy of their data. Hence, there is a high chance that you would encounter many fake users.

The site encountered an unpleasant situation in 2015. There was a hack that compromised the information of millions of profiles on Ashley Madison. From this period, the company has had to build its brand from the foundation into a safe and secure environment for all members.

The truth is that its users have grown ever since with no subsequent report of the hack. Thanks to its owners who have devised a new security feature to protect their user's privacy. There is a two-step verification choice that helps to strengthen the safety layer.

It is important to know that there may be scammers on the site. You must be careful of these malicious users and avoid them. You can take additional measures before you join the platform. They include a pseudonym, have a separate email, and do not provide too many personal details.

Most of its users are from the USA, Canada, and the UK. Similarly, a larger of the profiles are men of middle age. Hence, many users are able to connect with their desired matches.

In the United Kingdom, Ashley Madison highly ranks among other adult dating sites or app awareness. There are other countries too where Ashley Madison is famously known.

Which countries does Ashley Madison Support?

Ashely Madison is available in several top countries. From the available languages, one can see that there is a wide usage of Ashley Madison. They include Chinese, Ukrainian, Czech, Turkish, Danish, Swedish, French, Russian, German, Korean, Spanish, Italian, and much more.

As the name implies, Ashley and Madison are common names for females. Ashley Madison has been launched for more than 20 years and has grown to be available in different countries. As of 2019, the site claimed to have about 60 million users.

Here is a list of countries of Canada, Mexico, United States, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, and China.

Why should you choose Ashley Madison?

Choosing to be a part of Ashley Madison may be expensive if you are an active user. Averagely, you will need some hundreds of dollars to enjoy the site in a month. The good side is that many users can boast of getting good value for their money. In addition, you can stop to spend on credits once you have gotten a hookup.

It is easy to get a hookup on the site. You can join Ashley Madison as single, attached, female, seeking males, or related ones. Many users on the platform know what they want and are open about it. Ashley Madison remains a top platform to get a hookup.

Know that everyone shares a similar reason to be on the platform. The algorithm allows users to easily check people's profiles and know their interests. Nevertheless, you need to be directly after you must have initiated contact.

Ashely Madison remains a top site if you are in need of an extramarital affair just a sexual fling.

Meeting people can be tricky, either online or physically. It may be hard to test their character. However, Ashley Madison is the perfect hookup location to get the extramarital affair you need. You can get started.

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