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The 12 Submissive Tasks Every Dom Should Give Their Sub

submissive tasks

In the wonderful world of BDSM, the relationship between a Dominant and a Submissive is based on the exchange of power. A submissive partner willingly gives up any control to the dominant partner and performs tasks assigned to them.

These tasks for a submissive, often referred to as "submissive tasks" or "BDSM tasks," can range from simple acts of obedience to more complex acts of service. In this blog, we will discuss 12 submissive tasks that every Dom should give their sub. These tasks will not only help the Dom to assert their dominance but will also help the Sub to feel submissive and serve their dominant partner better.

What are submissive tasks?

In a nutshell, BDSM tasks for a submissive partner are demands made by the Dom, that the Sub is obligated to perform. They may be one-time or recurring events, and they may or may not involve sexual activity.

In coming up with the specific submissive tasks, they may be something the couple have brainstormed together, or they may be surprise demands made by the Dom, within the scope of the overall consent given by the Sub.

From an outside perspective, the Dom laying out tasks for a submissive may seem involuntary, but as with any BDSM activity, consent is always king. Both parties must agree to the arrangement, and whether a written contract is established or the agreement is verbal, it is essential for consent to be clear and unequivocal.

The difference between submissive tasks and punishment

Submissive tasks are performed as part of giving up their power to the dominant partner. These tasks can vary widely, depending on the preferences and agreement of the individuals involved, but they often involve some form of service, obedience, or ritualised behaviour. BDSM tasks for a submissive partner can be a way for them to demonstrate their commitment to the dynamic and to feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment.

On the other hand, punishment is a consequence that a dominant partner may administer when a submissive partner fails to meet their expectations or violates the agreed-upon rules or boundaries of the relationship. Punishment can take various forms, from physical discipline to psychological measures, and it is meant to correct or reinforce behaviour, as well as to reinforce the power dynamic of the relationship.

While submissive tasks and punishment are often linked in BDSM relationships, they serve different purposes and should be approached differently. Submissive tasks should be negotiated and agreed upon beforehand, with clear expectations and guidelines, and should not be used to punish or control a sub. Punishment, on the other hand, should be used sparingly and carefully, with a focus on corrective rather than punitive measures, and should always respect the limits and boundaries of the sub.

Why do Doms insist on BDSM tasks for a submissive partner?

Tasks assigned to a submissive by a dominant can serve various purposes in a BDSM relationship. Firstly, they can act as a reminder of the power dynamics at play and the sub's role in the relationship. These tasks can be playful and slightly annoying, but they can also provide a sense of pride and loyalty to the sub.

Moreover, these BDSM tasks for a submissive partner can help train them to become more submissive and improve their attention to detail. Over time, the tasks for a submissive partner can become more demanding, reflecting the growth and progression of the relationship.

Tasks can also be tailored to the specific relationship and shared interests. For example, a service Sub may perform household chores, while other subs may be tasked with preparing BDSM equipment such as bondage ropes.

Aside from reflecting the dynamic of the relationship, BDSM tasks for a submissive partner can also be assigned to help them improve themselves or care for their well-being. These may include reminders to eat or pay bills, with completion of these tasks being their own reward.

In some cases, a Dominant may choose to reward their Sub for completing tasks, but often the sense of pride and accomplishment is reward enough for the submissive.

Overall, submissive tasks play an important role in BDSM relationships, helping to establish and maintain power dynamics and creating opportunities for growth and mutual satisfaction.

The 12 submissive tasks every Dom should give their sub

1. Cleaning and household management

Cleaning and household management BDSM tasks for a submissive partner are classic examples of BDSM tasks that a Dom can assign to their sub. These tasks can range from simply cleaning the house to doing laundry, washing dishes, or even scrubbing the bathroom.

Chores are the perfect duty to make a submissive perform, especially if the task is something the Dominant doesn't enjoy doing. However, tasks for subs can go far beyond scrubbing the toilet! For example, the Sub may need to plan a vacation or party, schedule appointments, pay bills, or send gifts (to the Dom or someone else).

2. Serving food and drinks

Another one of the BDSM tasks for a submissive partner to perform for their Dom is serving food and drinks. The Sub can prepare a meal for their dom, set the table, and even serve the food. This task is an excellent opportunity for the Sub to show their dedication and service to their dominant partner.

The Sub can also learn a new recipe for their dom, meal prep, and even pack their lunch with an adoring note. The Dom might instruct the Sub to buy them a special treat while shopping and the submissive may also be tasked with picking up specific groceries.

3. Running errands

Running errands for the Dom is another one of the BDSM tasks for a submissive partner that can help them to demonstrate their submission. The Sub can go grocery shopping, pick up dry cleaning, or even go to the post office for the dom. This task not only shows the sub's dedication but also allows the Dom to focus on other tasks.

4. Waiting on the Dom hand and foot

Waiting on the Dom hand and foot is a classic example of a submissive task. The Sub can bring the Dom drinks, snacks, or anything else they desire. This task allows the Sub to demonstrate their willingness to serve their dominant partner and fulfil their every desire.

5. Foot and body massage

Giving a foot or body massage is a great way for a Sub to show their submission to their dominant partner. The Sub can use their hands, oils, or even a massage tool to massage their Dom's body. These BDSM tasks for a submissive partner not only help the Dom to relax but also allow the Sub to demonstrate their willingness to serve.

6. Entertainment

Entertainment BDSM tasks for a submissive partner involve ensuring the dominant partner never feels bored, and the Sub can play a crucial role in this aspect. The Sub can memorize and perform a song or dance routine, find new entertainment for the Dominant, teach them skills such as a new language, sing the Dom to sleep, browse for funny videos to send them, and even create a playlist for them.

7. Self-improvement and self-care submissive tasks

Specifying self-care as one of the BDSM tasks for a submissive partner ensures that subs look after themselves, and self-improvement tasks help the slave grow. Furthermore, the Dom can help the Sub break tics or bad habits such as chewing nails, picking, or something else through tasks.

The Sub may wake up at a specific time/have a sleep routine, go to the gym, drink water, eat healthily, learn a new skill, meditate, join a class or group, go to therapy, fill out applications, volunteer, or do homework.

8. Physical BDSM tasks for a submissive partner

Physical tasks are another type of submissive task that a Sub can perform for their Dom. These tasks can include carrying heavy objects, doing push-ups or sit-ups, or even cleaning the floors on their hands and knees. These tasks not only demonstrate the sub's strength and dedication but also allow the Dom to assert their dominance.

9. Dressing the Dom

One of the tasks of a Sub is to dress their Dominant according to their preferences. This includes selecting clothing, shoes, accessories, and even hairstyles that align with the Dom's tastes.

The submissive partner may also be responsible for ironing or steaming clothes, shining shoes, and ensuring that the Dom's appearance is always presentable. These BDSM tasks for a submissive partner allow them to express their submission while also showcasing their attention to detail and willingness to serve their Dominant's desires.

10. Role-playing submissive tasks

Role-playing is a common activity in BDSM, and it involves submissives assuming specific roles and scenarios that are designed to please their Dominant. Submissive tasks within role-playing may include addressing the Dom with a specific title, such as "Master" or "Mistress," assuming a specific demeanour or attitude or performing specific actions to fulfil the scenario.

These BDSM tasks for a submissive partner allow them to explore their desires while also serving their Dominant's needs for control and dominance.

11. Sensory deprivation

Sensory deprivation is one of the BDSM tasks for a submissive partner where their senses are limited or removed to heighten their other senses. Sensory deprivation tasks may include blindfolding the submissive, placing them in a soundproof room, or restraining them in a way that limits their movement.

This task allows the submissive to surrender control and experience heightened sensations while also fulfilling their Dominant's need for power and control.

12. Orgasm control tasks for a submissive

Orgasm control is one of the BDSM tasks for a submissive partner where the Dominant controls the Sub’s ability to orgasm. Submissive tasks within orgasm control may include edging, where the submissive is brought close to orgasm but denied release, or being forced to orgasm repeatedly until they are overstimulated.

This task allows the submissive to explore their limits and desires while also satisfying their Dom's need for control and dominance over their pleasure.

Sometimes you’ll need to adjust your BDSM tasks for a submissive partner

Certain BDSM tasks may be more appropriate for specific situations. While preparing lunch at home is simple, it may not be as feasible when you're on vacation. Similarly, a Sub cannot provide a hand job to their dominant partner when they are not in each other's presence.

As a result, you may need to adjust tasks for a submissive partner based on your location and proximity. Brainstorm ways for the sub to accomplish the task. These do not necessarily need to involve explicit sexual acts or be too risqué, but they could include using a dildo instead of the Dom or making reservations for lunch instead of cooking it themselves. Nonetheless, there are various ways to modify submissive tasks and integrate them into your daily life.

Where to look for inspiration for submissive tasks

Here are some places where you can seek inspiration for new submissive tasks:

  • Online BDSM forums and communities

  • BDSM blogs, BDSM dating sites, books, and literature

  • Conferences and events dedicated to BDSM and kink

  • Personal experiences and feedback from your Sub

  • Collaboration with other Doms and their Subs

  • Experimentation and trying out new things in a safe and consensual manner

There are BDSM tasks for a submissive partner to suit every taste

Submissive tasks are an essential part of any BDSM relationship, and they allow the Sub to demonstrate their submission and serve their dominant partner. In this blog, we have discussed 12 submissive tasks that every Dom should give their sub.

These BDSM tasks range from cleaning and serving food to more complex tasks such as role-playing and sensory deprivation. By assigning these tasks, the Dom can assert their dominance and control over the Sub while allowing the Sub to explore their submissive side and fulfil their desires.

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