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Bicupid Review


Overall Review

Have you embraced bisexuality but it has not been accepted in your immediate society? You can always explore your sexuality on online sites like Bicupid. This content is a Bicupid Review to equip readers with the necessary information they need.

Bicupid is an outstanding adult dating platform for bisexuals to connect. It is designed for individuals that want same-sex intimacy. The site was established in 2003 and has been consistently meeting the tailored needs of its members.

With millions of global users, you will see people that share similar sexual passions as you. The average age is moderately above 25 years. Members are ready for hookups, casual dating, and long-term commitments. You can join as a single individual or a couples. The site assures optimum fun.

Price and Payment Method

Whether it is online or physical, dating requires money. You must be ready to spend some bucks. As a matter of fact, the more money you spend, the higher your chance of landing a partner.

As a Bicupid user, you will need some money to enjoy unrestricted access to several features. This shows that you are a premium user. Nevertheless, you must know that your auto-renewal feature is automatically on for the premium package. You can contact customer support to cancel this subscription.

Here is what the different packages look like;

  • 1 month for 29.95 USD

  • 3 months for 59.95 USD. That is 19.98 USD per month.

  • 6 months for 95.95 USD. That is 15.99 USD per month.

  • 12 months for 143.95 USD. That is 12.00 USD per month.


Features are the most beautiful parts of being a Bicupid user. Of course, you can be a free Standard Member but your features are limited. They include:

  • Being able to create and set up a profile.

  • Your account is visible to standard and premium users.

  • Being able to send free winks to any visitor on Bicupid

  • Being able to reply to messages from a premium user. You cannot start the conversation.

  • Basic search feature to examine several profiles. You can include filters like age range, gender, and even region.


How about you show some seriousness and tenacity with special features? They are available for an affordable price as described above. They include:

  1. Direct Messaging: as a paid user, you can initiate conversations with other BiCupid members. Once you are interested in their profile, connect with them with the right pick-up lines.

  2. Extra Security: premium users can enjoy both profile and photo security options. You have no worries about the safety of your profile or its media.

  3. Last seen: another exciting feature for a premium user is that you can know the last seen of a member. That way, you can be certain they are readily available.

  4. Advanced search: this feature makes it easy to get a partner using a wider array of keywords. It extends beyond location, age, and gender as you can be more specific.

  5. You can know the reverse matches.


Notable features include:


  1. Add to Favorites: you can add as many profiles as you like to favorites. This way, you are saving members that you will come to explore later on. This feature helps you not to miss out on specific profiles even when you return to the starting point.

  2. Spark: you can click on "yes" or "pass" for a profile. Any option you choose implies that the person is attractive or otherwise.

  3. Wink: This feature helps to ignite a conversation with another Bicupid member. Since you are shy of words, you can show interest in the Wink feature as a premium member.

  4. Blogs and Forums: blogs and forums are entertaining and educative platforms. Also, members can connect with each other. Everyone has access to the feature.

  5. Direct Message: communication fosters any relationship. However, only a premium user can begin a conversation.

Number and Structure of Users

There is a common saying that "numbers don't lie." The statement is true with BiCupid as it is the fastest-growing platform for bisexuals. With an active audience of 83%, you can be assured that there is someone ready to connect with you.

As a popular platform, it welcomes about 230,000 new visiting members each month while at least, 50,000 join every month. Data has it that the USA has the highest number of participants with over 1,000,000 members.

Regarding gender, there is an uneven distribution as they are more men than women. However, the average age is 25 years and above. The site boasts 62% quality matches. Similarly, the reply rate of its members is 73%. Hence, it is easy to get connect with as many members as you want. There is someone for you.

Register Process

Becoming a part of this online community is without much ado. You can use your email address or Facebook account. Here are the steps involved that complete the registration process:

  • Create a personal profile.

  • Upload your photos.

  • Describe yourself and your possible match.


When creating your profile, you should reveal your sexual orientation, preferred gender, mobile number, email address, and age. Read the Service Agreement and Privacy Policy by clicking on the box and continue. Add a photo from your Facebook account or phone gallery. Ensure your face is obvious for members to know what to expect.

Creative headlines and descriptions will go a long way. You can always edit it when you have extra details to add. After the registration is complete, you will get a verification code via your mail. Ensure you follow the due process to log into your account in ten minutes.

Chat Methods

Chatting on BiCupid is straightforward for a premium user. They can initiate conversations with any member that tickles their fancy. The experience is different for a standard member as they can only reply to messages.

Similarly, the Wink feature is another way to get the attention of another member. The downside is that only premium members can use this feature.


The online adult platform is a credible and legit community. The site sends you a verification code to complete your registration. The code is sent to your mail to confirm you are a real user. Similarly, the site takes time to verify your photo.

These and lots more are different measures the community employs to ensure maximum security for their service user.

Pros and Cons


  • It fulfills the tailored needs of bisexual people

  • Individuals and couples can create a profile

  • Platform allows all sexual orientations

  • The website has a mobile app for both iOS and Android users.


  • The algorithm does not matchmake using personality.

  • The interface appears outdated.

  • Free users have limited features.

FAQs about Bicupid

Here are some of the frequently asked questions people may have about BiCupid:

1. How affordable is BiCupid?

If compared with other platforms, BiCupid is an affordable option. You only need some dollars to enjoy as many features as you desire. More so, it is advisable to pay for a longer duration as you will be saving costs. The higher you go with the premium plan, the more affordable BiCupid is. Remember, a premium member is unrestricted to the perks of the platform.

2. Are my details safe with the platform?

BiCupid is a safe app that prioritizes its member's details. A common error with different adult dating sites is data breaches. The story is different BiCupid as it takes every necessary measure to ensure all details are safe. That is, users do not need to worry about their details.

3. How easy is the signup process?

The signup process is easy than you may think. You only need a valid email address or a functioning Facebook account. The reason for this is to reduce the possibility of creating fake profiles. The signup process has been described earlier in the content. Read up and complete this within 10 minutes.


4. Are the accounts real?

BiCupid puts all efforts to ensure that its accounts are real. When creating a profile, a verification code is generated and sent to the user's mail address. No account will be created if the user cannot verify such details. This process is important as it helps to reduce the number of fake accounts on BiCupid. So, there are many real accounts on BiCupid for you to connect with.

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