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Getiton Review


Overall Review

GetItOn is often regarded as one of the standard platforms to get a one-night stand or hookup. The adult site promotes compatibility between different sexual partners for the site users to get along. Its matchmaking algorithm uses information from different members to suggest to another member.

The site has millions of global members. It is a fast-growing dating site as a survey shows that it has witnessed a heavy influx of visitors in recent months. Although, it has been proven that a larger part of these visitors resides in the United States.

GetItOn has a single focus, which is to bring two sexually compatible partners together. Since 2009 when it has been launched, it has fulfilled the sexual desires of different people in the world. There is no better way to explore than use its features – all features are available to standard members.

Becoming a part of this community begins with a straightforward registration process. Each member is expected to input important details that will help them get potential matches. The registration control leads to a form that helps to indicate your purpose on the site.

While registering, you can show that you are single, couple, divorced, widow, separated, or widower. Some married people even register with their partners. You must indicate your interests like threesome, cybersex, one on one sex, and a lot more. Being specific helps to land a sexual fling as soon as possible.

You need to include your year of birth. This helps the site to know if you are above 18 years. Anyone under this age is restricted from joining the platform. You need to include your country too.

Finally, you will need to create a descriptive username and a password. Ensure your username is sexy and shows you are in for fun. Something too serious may not support your ambition on the site.


The site sends your password to your email ID. You will really love GetItOn.

Pros and Cons

As common with several online adult sites, GetItOn has its pros and cons. Here is an examination of the pros and cons:


  • A quality algorithm for matchmaking

  • Advanced search filter for premium users

  • Members can share up to 20 images

  • The platform guarantees getting laid in three months

  • Every member can join the live shows

  • Users can add videos to their profiles

  • The site is easy to use as it is highly rated among its counterparts


  • No standard verification processes

  • There is no app for android users

  • Only premium users have access to images and videos

  • Standard members are restricted from using some features


The beauty of any website is its features. GetItOn has great features that provide members with a quality experience. Here are some of their notable features;

​Messaging Feature

The messaging feature helps to reply messages from other users. You can get on to meet your dream date in your inbox. As a basic member, the messaging feature allows you to connect and even express your desires.

Partner Search

The highly effective feature is one of many users' favorites. The search engine helps to easily look for potential matches. Most times, users employ the feature to connect with users that are close to their location.


Also, you can apply other features like age range and physical attributes. If compared with other compatriots, the partner search feature on GetItOn is leading.

Add to Hotlist

This feature helps to add as many members as possible to a favorite list. The goal is to be able to reach these members easily without much ado. Both free and paid members can enjoy this feature. However, there is a limit to the number of members they can add to their hotlist.

Live Model Chat

The live model chat feature helps members to connect with professional models on the platform. GetItOn allows some models to host live chats – video sessions. Users can join these models and enjoy the lovely scenes.

Free members can participate in the ones labeled "Free." However, paid members can join the ones with the label "Private." Every participant has something to watch and enjoy.


You can subscribe to the “Funclubs" at an affordable monthly cost. This payment gives immediate and unlimited access to the videos, diaries, and nude images that belong to professional models on GetItOn.


There are groups on the site. They serve as communities where people discuss relevant topics. These forums are initiated by members. It is a large space as it is open to all members. People can share their opinions on different topics while other members can read and learn.


The blog section has a conglomeration of content that may be educative, informative, or expository. Members can write and share their articles on any desired topic on the platform. Other people can read these blog posts and give their comments.


It seems like another forum for people to share their opinion. However, they are different from “Groups’ as the comment section has a limited word count.


The points have a different use for their unique tasks. However, they can be earned via referral, shared by other members, or earned when you subscribe for a month.


You can share tips with other members to appreciate them. They can come as points too. Sometimes, they can become freebies that help users to use other available features.

Gold Membership

This feature helps to upgrade another free member to a Gold premium member. That is, Individual A is a free member. However, Individual B can use this feature to make individual A become a premium user.


At the other end, individual A will be notified about the upgrade. Oftentimes, you can use it for another member you are certain is interested in you too.

Refer to a Friend

This feature allows a member to invite other friends that may not be a part of GetItOn. However, the old members are rewarded with some GetItOn points when the new member becomes a premium user.

Enhanced Chat Messages

The enhanced chat message feature is for members to send friend requests or messages to other users. It is an add-on feature but only available to premium members.


Users can flirt with other members with virtual gifts. Oftentimes, these virtual gifts come as a way to show appreciation to the live models or to get the attention of another member.


The best way to enjoy GetItOn is to be a premium user. You would enjoy every benefit of the site. However, some features are still available to standard members. As a standard member, you can:

  1. Register and create a profile

  2. Check the basic information of other profiles

  3. Upload videos or photos

  4. Contact a limited number of cupid matches

  5. A maximum of 200 members in your hotlist

  6. Participate in live actions

  7. Being able to reply to texts


Premium members have a more pleasant experience. As a matter of fact, they get good value for their money. Here are some of the benefits they enjoy:

  1. Check full information of other profiles

  2. View videos and photos of other members

  3. Contact an unlimited number of cupid matches

  4. Use email feature

  5. Have over 1000 members in your hotlist

  6. Contact the customer center via their phones

  7. Prioritizing their profiles and accounts


You would agree that it is only best to be a premium member. You can start as a free user but you need to subscribe to be a premium user. See the subscription plan below:

Premium Membership:

  • One-month subscription plan for 24.95 USD

  • Three months subscription plan for 58.85 USD

  • Twelve months subscription plans for 179.40 USD


Enhanced Message (an addon):

  • One-month subscription plan for 19.95 USD

  • Three months subscription plan for 11.97 USD

  • Twelve months subscription plans for 107.40 USD

Points costs:

  • 200 credits for 3.00 USD

  • 500 credits for 6.00 USD

  • 1000 credits for 10.00 USD


Token costs:

  • 100 credits for 12.00 USD

  • 185 credits for 20.00 USD

  • 500 credits for 50.00 USD

  • 1000 credits for 99.00 USD


The above lists may be a little pricey but you will get good value for your money.

Is Getiton Legal?

GetItOn is an online hookup site that helps several users to land a compatible fling or hookup. The site's matchmaking algorithm keeps members engaged. Premium users can take it a step further with the advanced search feature.

The advanced search feature can allow premium users to apply specialized filters to their search. That is, a member can include location, age, sexual orientation, or gender in the features to get real persons. This feature makes it easier to land the desired person.

Hence, GetItOn is a legal site. It has several satisfied members who can attest to getting a compatible member for hookups. As a powerful platform, it boasts that a member will get their specific results within their first two months. There is a compatibility chart that shows the sexual affinity between two members.

So, yes. The site is a legal platform. it is purposely driven.

Safety on Getiton

Safety on GetItOn is another important fact people consider. Well, the site shares eccentric videos and images that may require safety and privacy. Nevertheless, you do not need to worry about your details, videos, or images – no third party can get access to them. the site employs an encryption process to keep your information confidential.

The comprehensive security system has been assuring for previous users as the site was not a victim of the famous hacks of other adult dating sites. You can choose to use your real identity or conceal some important details like your real face. Whichever way, your profile is safe.

As one would predict, there are scammers and low fake profiles on the site. However, you can report such accounts or even block them.


The messages are encrypted end to end. Hence, the atmosphere is a safe one for every member of GetItOn.

You can automatically renew your subscription via the automatic renewal. If you are no longer interested in your account, you can cancel your subscription. You can cancel it via an email, profile settings, or the app store subscription.

Which countries does Getiton Support?

GetItOn is a global site. It is available in different countries of the world. However, it is more common in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Jamaica, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, and several countries around the world.

There are more users in the United States than in other places. However, the platform has many users across different countries. There is a high chance that you would get someone with similar interests as you in your region.   

Why should you choose Getiton?

Choosing GetItOn is a top choice because it comes with top features. Many people have complained about its pricey features. However, they can also confirm that they got a good value for their money. You would agree that you need a lot of money to find an appropriate sexual fling.

Here is a little advice; you can start your first few weeks as a free member. You can decide to improve your subscription plan to a premium member.

The match-making system is enough reason to join the platform. Additionally, it has a compatibility chart that helps two members to see their sexual affinity. Both parties can choose to get along and develop more intimacy.


Another reason to choose GetItOn is because of its search feature. Free members can use the basic search features while premium members have improved service. You can read more about this in the feature section.

Summarily, the major reason to choose GetItOn is that it is a proven site where people get their results.


GetItOn is an excellent adult dating site for people that want casual partners or one-night stands. The site has a lot of members with varying interests and sexual orientations. It is the perfect platform for paid members to get full benefits for their money.

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