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Overall Review is created for adults only and their possible adventurous sexual practices. The site supports all kinds of affairs like BDSM, erotic, fetish sex, and bondage. Whether you want to explore or are just curious person, the platform does it all for you.

You can sign up on in 5 minutes. You do not have to pay to have your profile. When creating your account, you can sign up as a single woman, man, group, or couple. Other choices are gays, transgender, and gay couples.

You will be required to provide other details like personal details like body type, sexual orientation, marital status, race, and role. There is a column for a short bio to give a brief description of you. You can learn how to write a bio from writing ideas.

The process of account verification is strict as it is an approach to reduce the number of bots or scammers on the platform. You will be required to verify your mail address by a redirected link.

Every member can chat with live models and even add some members to their Hotlist. It has a search option to connect with members that are close. Also, you can connect with online users.

Pros and Cons is a hookup site and adult dating platform for people that prefer alternative sexual relationships. Hence, that is the reason it is called Its users love practices like bondage, discipline, submission, dominance, and sadomasochism.

This means you can learn how to take your sexual relationship to another level. The users can read up from the articles or watch as many videos as they desire to spice up their relationships. However, an important rule is that you must be 18 to join the site.


  • The site has a lot of traffic due to its high number of active members

  • The platform is for all kinds of relationships

  • A community for alternate sex like couple fun swaps, threesomes, and swingers

  • Watch live models for free

  • One can know enough details about other members from their profile


  • The site’s design and layout are complicated

  • Unnecessary profile question

  • The interface is not impressive

  • Many fake profiles and bots are on the site

  • You need to be a paid user to enjoy the platform


There are features that will give you a quality dating experience and help you to get the perfect match.

Hot or Not

Users can check out each photo one after the other. You can choose if any of the images are hot or not.


You can check the testimonials of other members to know possible qualities. Similarly, you can give testimonials to other members.

My Kinks

This feature allows you to customize your search and kinks. Other members who want kinks can explore your kinks.

Astrological Compatibility

This feature is to reveal people's zodiac signs. This feature is ideal for matchmaking as two members are compatible using their zodiac signs. Also, it uses a sexual biorhythm chart to know profiles to pair with.


These are small features that help you to create posts or profiles. It is a perfect description of your personality.

Each profile is meant to be detailed but a free member cannot check other profile pictures. You can know the people’s gender, personality, testimonials, and compatibility chart. You will need to upgrade your membership to Silver or Gold membership.

My Hotlist

The hotlist is to create a list of flirts. That is, you can easily access these people to have conversations with them. Your collection could have been from other members that have checked your profile or even flirted with you. you cannot get it wrong.

Friend Network

The friend network feature is another safe spot to gather friends. Webcam followers, fans, and favorite images. This makes the entire process of connecting with other people easier.


As a curious individual, this site is the perfect place for you. You will love everything about its members and their sexual activities. You should get ready to spend to fully enjoy However, you can enjoy free services. They are:

  1. Free Registration

  2. Joining chat rooms

  3. Sharing a picture

  4. Flirt or send flowers

  5. Add new friends (or to Hotlist)

  6. Search and kink search

  7. Hot or Not

  8. Webcams to stream live member    


Pricing on ALT.COM is average as compared with other providers. Here is the price breakdown:

Silver membership

Pay 19.95 USD for a month.

Pay 35.97 USD for 3 months. This gives a discounted price of 11.99 USD per month.

Pay 99.97 USD for 12 months. This gives a discounted price of 8.33 USD per month.

Gold Membership

Pay 29.95 USD for a month.

Pay 59.97 USD for 3 months. This gives a discounted price of 19.99 USD per month.

Pay 149.97 USD for 12 months. This gives a discounted price of 12.50 USD per month.

Standard Contacts

Pay 19.90 USD for a month.

Pay 35.90 USD for 3 months. This is 11.97 USD per month.

Pay 99.90 USD for 12 months. This is 8.33 USD per month.

Highlight Listings

Pay 9.90 USD for a month.

Pay 24.90 USD for 3 months. This is 8.30 USD per month.


From the pricing above, you would see that there is a discounted amount for higher subscription plans. Spending money is important to land a hookup. Hence, brace up as is ready to help your mission.

Here are services you can enjoy upon payment. They include:

  1. Examine and contact members

  2. You can easily reach new members

  3. Be on top of the search list

  4. Access recorded video and members' Livestream

  5. 24/7 customer support

  6. Access to groups, blogs, and magazine features

  7. Send and read messages

  8. Access to AIM, ICQ, and MSN IDs of other gold members

  9. Send virtual gifts

  10. Access to pay-per-minute adult movies


Silver and Gold members have unrestricted access to everyone’s profiles. On the other hand, free members cannot start a conversation or check the profiles of Silver and Gold members.

You can undo your purchases on if you do not like them. However, this is only possible within three days of a successful subscription. Also, credits do not expire as they can be valid for as long as you have them.

Is Legal?

The platform is legal. However, the minimum age to join is 18 years old. It brings like-minded people together who prefer aggressive sexual experiences.

You may be limited to the benefits you can enjoy as a free account. However, you can pay to enjoy more benefits. Its features are distinct from other competitors.

There is a common fear among people because of the numerous fake profiles. This is a major challenge as it has placed a big question on the level of safety and security of members. only needs to resolve these issues to be a top option for people that love alternative sex.

Safety on

The site has over 2 million users but there are several fake profiles. Nevertheless, you can expect just 500,000 active members on the site. The average age is between 25 to 34 years.

There are more male users on the site than female members. The ratio is 4 to 1. Other sites have a similar proportion between their male and female members. is open to all relationships like Gay, Straight, and Bisexual couple, lesbian hookup, and group.

However, many people are worried about the level of safety on the app. The complaint is about many fraudulent users using the site as a platform to carry out their illegal practices. These users extort others using their personal chats.

The best approach to this is to be watchful and avoid such people. Also, you can report them to customer support. You are responsible for your safety as the site cannot do it all.

Also, there are so many pop-up notifications. The ads may be annoying. Also, clicking on these notifications redirect people to other sites.

Which countries does Support? is available in various languages. They include English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, German, and Spanish. This makes it a widely used site in various places across the world. may be forbidden in a country due to its governmental rules. Safe that, there is universal access to the site.

The site is a branch of hence, you can expect both sites to share many similarities like their features, countries they support, and even pricing.

Why should you choose

A major reason to choose is that you can track other users' activities. This means that you can get to connect with other members by developing an interest in their testimonials. Hence, you can trust their preference and get to know more about them.

Similarly, one can know their personality and features like body type, gender, and age. You can add as many interested users to your hotlist.

Another amazing reason to choose is because of the voice greeting feature. You can record your adorable voice for admirers to fall in love with you. Oftentimes, many people use this as an introduction.

You can also contact the support center using the voice message feature. It is a good feature on a day you are too tired to type or wants to express yourself to customer support.

Conclusion is not your regular dating site. It is for people who are interested in more fetish sexual experiences. There is none of its kind as you would love to have a profile if you are interested in BDSM and related activities.

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