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Fetlife Review


Overall Review

Fetlife helps individuals review the kinky side of their sexual desires. The platform is a reliable site that connects like-minded people. Being a safe environment, it is easier for people to express their minds and have no fear of information breaches.

There is no site that cares for sexual desires like a kinkster like Fetlife. Most profiles have nudity for other members to enjoy. The community is perfect for BDSM as there are several interested users all over the world.

Fetlife contains discussion groups, events, and erotica blog posts for members to be a part of. Even as an enthusiast, you would love the site for its design. It is the right place to express yourself without any restrictions.

Since 2008 when it has been launched, the platform has amassed over 8 million users. There are several sexual orientations for members to pick. They include non-binary, gender fluid, genderqueer, femme, intersex, cross-dresser, butch, and others.

Another beautiful thing about Fetlife is that the app is available on android devices. Users can change the setting of the app so other people will not know they have the app, instead, it will show a general logo.

Pros and Cons


  • Site is a dating and social network platform

  • Welcomes new users as they can join different groups from the start too

  • Members can set their privacy to reveal desired details

  • The algorithm helps users to get a perfect match

  • The site has 12 sexual orientation options

  • Members can post videos, erotica, and images


  • Only premium members can check the videos on the site

  • Impossible to look for posts using the keyword

  • Website appears outdated


There are different features that are available to free members and premium users. Most adult sites prioritize their paid members and load them with a lot of benefits. However, Fetlife gives a different life to its free users.

As a free user, you can check as many profiles and their photos without any restriction. Also, they can send messages to other users and participate in ongoing discussions in the forums. By implication, you can enjoy some paid privileges on Fetlife as compared with other sites.

Since the free membership offers this much, you can expect a plethora of additional features for premium users. The most interesting part of being a paid user is that it is affordable. With only $5 per month, you can be a premium user.

Users can pay their annual commitment of $60 twice a year. They get to enjoy more adult videos. Fetlife is known to host several streams. You will have several videos to choose from as a premium user.

Safety is important for both free and paid users. Fetlife is a safe zone that allows individuals to be direct with their fetishes. No one is going to judge you as a free or premium user. You are all there for a similar purpose – ready to explore their hidden sexual gratifications.

Also, the platform does not disclose personal information to anyone. All conversations are secured with SSL such that, no prying eyes can know your communication with another member.


The price to be a member of the site is free. You do not have to pay a dime to register. Similarly, you have unrestricted access to several features as a free user.

Taking it a step forward, paid users have extra privileges over free users. The price to become a paid user is affordable – just $5.

However, the site only allows users to make annual or bi-annual payments. The annual payment will be $60 per year while the bi-annual payment is $30 for six months.

You can make payment via the application – which is only available for android devices. iOS users can make their payments via the site. Users can pay using their debit or credit cards. Other payment options are Bitcoin and Giropay.

Number and Structure of Users 

You can only join Fetlife if you are 18 years old. Generally, most members are from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. Other countries are New Zealand, Australia, and India.


Also, the average age for females is 33 years old while the age for males is 38 years old. There are more males than females on the site. You can expect more members to be straight while other sexual groups have small numbers.


Fetlife is one of the biggest BDSM sites in the world. Thanks to its large member base; there is a man and a woman for everyone. You will get the wildest and kinkiest discussion on this platform.

If you are not the type that holds back from exploration and fantasies, Fetlife is the best destination for you. If you are not pleased with Fetlife, you can check out other alternative sites like Fetster,, and AdultFriendFinder.

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