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Fetster Review


Overall Review

Fester is a network for individuals that want specific results in their BDSM sexual life. The site attends to people's needs, whether they want to play the dominant or submissive role. The adult platform is a community for all BDSM and kink lovers. 

The site makes it easy to connect with other interested people across the world. You can get the perfect partner that is open-minded and ready to explore the new world like you. 

This article gives a detailed review of Fetster. You can learn about their feature, pros and cons, and other important facts to spice up your sexual life. 

You can begin your journey on Fetster as a free account. However, you must know that you are only allowed to use limited features. It is easier to relate with other members and even get to know them through the great features. Keep reading. 

Pros and Cons


  • Users can use the live chat feature 

  • Members can report suspicious profiles or potential scammers 

  • Profiles are kept safe and private 

  • The site is properly established 

  • The improved extended search feature 

  • Users can go invisible 


  • The platform does not have a mobile app 

  • No anonymous payment options 

  • The identity verification process is below par 

  • No trial plan before payment 


Free features include:

Basic Search

The search feature allows users to include special filters to look for their most-desired features in another partner. However, the features are limited as users can only include ‘age, gender, online now, and with photo only.”

Private Chat

The private chat feature is for individuals to invite other members. It has an instant messenger feature that helps to relate with other members. You can get to know more about them. 

On the other hand, there are special features. These features are great, although you have to pay to get started with them. Here are some of them:

Extended Search

Based on research, many members are profile browsers. They just want to check people’s images and videos before they go ahead to connect with them. Well, you can take it beyond this on Fetster. 

Extended search has more criteria than the basic search. For example, members can search for people that are near their current location. This makes it easy to connect with other BDSM enthusiasts in a new location. 


Your comfort is the priority of Fetster. Hence, the site has the block function to block selected users from sending messages to you. Often, it is best to use it when you think you may be receiving so many uninterested responses.

Chat Feature

Just like social media, you can chat on this platform. however, it is more beautiful because you can know if your contacts are online or otherwise. Similarly, you can switch to invisible and appear offline when you may be. 
It is important to note that the updated features are astonishing. For example, you can know when a person is typing before they send their messages. Also, you can rate people's profiles. This helps them to know you have an interest in them.


The strength of an adult site is how strong it can matchmake people. Fetster provides a match for everyone because of its wide range of gender options and sexualities. Getting a match can be done via the forum or feeds. 
Also, there is a confession tab. The idea is to allow members to express their desires and have no fear of being embarrassed. 


Price is a major consideration when joining an adult site. You would agree that you can only enjoy these sites better as a paid user. However, the story is different from Fester's. 

It will surprise you that you can enjoy all of the features at no cost. Yes, you can read that again. The site is out to encourage members to communicate with one another and connect with their potential partners. 

Since it is free, you can expect a lot of users. However, it also calls for alertness because of the potential risk of getting scammed. 

Number and Structure of Users 

The community allows users to initiate and upload discussions on different topics. The posts revolve around gay, lesbian, and straight content. Also, users have an array of gender to choose from, such as No gender, Third Gender, and Poly Gender.

Anyone from the age of 18 can join the site since it is for adults. More so, most members on the site are from America and Europe. The site employs several sexualities, gender, and kinds of relationships to help in easy match making. 


Fester is a great one of BDSM dating sites. It stands out among other sites because of its features and strong matchmaking algorithm. The various options for sexual orientation and gender makes members an array to pick from. The site is a top choice for BDSM lovers. 

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