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Overall Review may not be as popular as one would expect. As a matter of fact, its user base may not be as many as expected. Nevertheless, it is a productive hookup site as many users have attested to its serving its purpose well. is not for immediate sex. Rather, it is a traditional dating and hookup site with amazing features and users that are ready to mingle. The site is the perfect choice to mingle and get the perfect one night stand culture your dating site needs.

In addition, you can develop chemistry with other users and they can become your closest friends. The site was established in 2006 but has grown to be the perfect site for horny people.

The hookup site is for all kinds of people like cishet, heterosexual, LGBTQ+, and other sexual orientations. You will meet someone that shares a similar passion as you do.

Pros and Cons is a cool hookup site that has both free and paid members. Also, there are more women on the site as they can join for free. The features may not be as developed as other sites like Ashley Madison and Adult Friend Finder, but still delivers the goods.

Read more to compare its pros and cons.


  • Video chat

  • Diverse and encouraging user base

  • Guarantee policy

  • Quality search tool with filters

  • Free trial options

  • Live cam services


  • No mobile app

  • Free membership has few benefits

  • Many bots and fake accounts

  • Payment may be expensive for some users

  • The site has a record of data hack


Profile Searches

An astonishing feature of is that the site does not employ a matchmaking mechanism to connect two individuals. This is astonishing because many would expect a dating site to have this tool. Fling is not a mere dating site as it is a casual yet conventional dating platform.

It is more appropriate for members that want to build a connection with another person. Eventually, both parties can agree and extend their fun beyond the site – they can meet each other in person.

To make up for this, the site has a SEARCH FUNCTION. You can streamline your choice with filters. Generally, there are two types of search filters. They are:

Basic Search Function

The basic search function helps to connect with members using their sexual preferences, gender, country, age, and zip codes. More so, you can go further to only relate with members who are online, have images, are verified, or are a part of a live stream.

The better part of this feature is that you can use it as a free member. Rather than having to look for one person out of the million choices on the site, the basic search function narrows down your choices to specific users.

Advanced Search Function

Only premium users can use the advanced search function. The difference between the basic search function and the advanced search function is that the latter has more sophisticated filters and search conditions. Hence, paid members can easily get their desired dating preferences.

The advanced search function allows you to apply the following filters to your search:

  • Body type

  • Eye color

  • Ethnicity

  • Height

  • Hair Color


Both search options make up for the matchmaking algorithm which other platform employs.

Who's Cute?

You would agree that this sounds like a game. Of course, you are right. This feature helps you to rate other users on the basis of their physical appearance. This feature helps to foster interaction between several users.

The algorithm ranks interactive users above non-interactive ones. That means, participating in the game places you in a higher position than another member. More so, you will have an increased profile feed too.

The game is available every day. Nevertheless, each user is only allowed to rank 50 profiles daily. If other members find you cute, your profile will gain more weight as the profile gets more visible to other site users.

Video Chat

This feature is for people who love to see it. This feature is solid as there is no reduction in quality when the internet is weak. The feature gives a clearer picture of individuals before you meet them in real life.

Many users love the video chat feature as it is a good litmus test to recognize fake profiles from catfishes. You would love video interactions as it offers more proximity than sending messages.

You can take advantage of this feature to share explicit visuals with other interested member during the chat sessions.

Live Cam

Live cam is different from regular video chat. The live cam feature gives you access to a room where you can chat with another gender and possibly make requests. This is the highest level of flirting as you may land a date with the other user.

Free members can only preview the room information and their pictures. A premium member can watch live cams.

Sex Shop (with freebies)

You can meet and date users that share the same interests as you. Additionally, you can purchase sex toys and adult apparel here.

The fling platform is affiliated with a popular online sex store for users to purchase adult DVDs, sex toys, and other fetish items. The site has exclusive freebies, deals, and enticing discounts.

Worried about your privacy? There is no need for that as the purchases are tagged to be game-related on your card.

NSFW Safe Mode

This feature is to hide all sexual content from public consumption. This means that you can use the site when in public – there will be no NSFW content at this time. This is a rare feature you would hardly find on other dating sites.


As you predicted, there is a limit to the benefits you can enjoy as a free member. There is always an extra sauce for a premium member. For example, only paid users can send and view messages, participate in live cam sessions, and enjoy other adorable features on the platform.

To make the best of, it is better to be a paid user. You can explore your trial offers (two) but will have to pay afterward. With just 95 cents, you can enjoy all features on the site for a day. You can pay $9.95 for a 7-day trial.

You can have a better payment option as seen in the:

  1. 1 month of a paid membership for $39.95

  2. 3 months of a paid membership for $69.95

  3. 12 months of a paid membership for $80.04


You would notice that there is a discount as you go higher. Finally, you can terminate your membership with no attachment or commitment.

A paid user has an increased chance of success than a free member.

Is Legal?

The answer is simple. Yes, is a legal dating and hookup site available for paid and free users. There are over 3 million users from the united states alone. There is a fear that most of the users may not be real individuals.

The same situation is common to many dating sites. The reason is that people prefer to be discrete with their personal information rather than share it with the public. Hence, you must bear in mind that not all users are real individuals.

Safety on

Many users have expressed their worries about since its 2016 hack. The unfortunate incident has seen many users leave the website too. However, this has been the only occurrence as several dating sites experienced the same.

Technically, the site seems secured as their security system features Norton. You do not need to worry about your personal information being shared with a third party. is subscribed to an extra layer of security through their sales agents like SegPay, Epoch, and WTSeTicket. However, it is safe to not avoid fake profiles as they are available on every dating site.

Which countries does Support? is not peculiar to specific countries. Many individuals across the world are a part of the platform. According to data, there are more than 3 million members from the United States. The United States remains a top country with the highest number of members – you will get someone that is ready to mingle just like you.

Creating an account is important as that’s what gives you access to the profile. More so, you do not have to pay to join the platform. Registering only involves six basic steps. Here is the step by step process:

  1. Input your details like name, gender, and age

  2. Enter details about your preference details like gender and possible matches

  3. Fill in your ZIP code and location

  4. Have a valid email address

  5. Create a strong password for your profile

  6. Confirm that your email is valid.


After the creation of accounts, the next step is to share a picture as your display picture. It is important to upload the best picture. As a matter of fact, you are permitted to upload explicit content. Although, this may not be the best as is not a BDSM or fetish dating site.

The site has a gallery of users for members to view the sexy and hot ones that suit their desire. The algorithm can make suggestions of compatible profiles for you based on your preferences and likings.

Why should you choose

As compared with other dating sites, remains a top site. Choosing to be a part of the platform must be with a purpose. If you are just down for sexual flings, it may not be the most appropriate site for you.

However, if you want something more solid, you are on the right platform. you can easily link up with other users that want to relate with you. This implies that one can get a serious dating relationship from this platform.

Choosing is solely on you. The unique difference from other dating platforms is the matching algorithm it lacks. Nevertheless, you can maximize the advanced search filters to make up for this.

Other users will begin to view your profile immediately after you join. This may appear to be bots but you can be a paid member to reduce such. You can have good experiences with your experience on the platform.

Conclusion is a top site with amazing features. Some platforms like Ashley Madison allow females to join their site for free; they have more real users than

You just have to be careful how much you invest in people. Do not be so quick to assume that the other member is a real user. Also, do not proceed to provide personal details or even send money to another user.

Be alert. Watch your back but ensure you explore the site to the fullest, more especially as a paid member.

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