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FriendFinder-X Review


Overall Review

Friendfinder-X is a common adult dating and hookup site where people can connect with other users for casual sex and one-night stands. It is an adult platform that helps its users to get hookups at their desired location and time. With over 20 years, many individuals can attest to getting their maximum satisfaction and being able to fulfill their desires – little wonder, it has a large number of users as compared with other dating sites.

There are several features that make Friendfinder-X a top platform. Their sexuality or orientation does not determine their chance of landing a hookup. Additionally, the site offers beyond casual dates as people can get to interact and learn more about their sexual life.

Friendfinder-X is argued to be a top casual dating site with a great large user base. The platform has over 90 million members across the world.

Statistics show that common members are from the United States, the United Kingdom, some Asian countries, and the Middle East. The common reason many people are on the platform is to get hookups and casual dates. The users are allowed to be sexually expressive as regards their fetishes and kinks.

The downside of the platform is that you will only enjoy these benefits as a paid member. The prices are not on the high side as they are perfect for your packages. Little wonder, many people on the platform are Gold members.

Pros and Cons


  • It has an active large user base

  • The platform comes with several features

  • Different sexual orientations including the LGBT community are welcomed to the platform


  • You need to pay to use some of its features

  • The platform lacks a matching algorithm

  • You can only communicate effectively as a paid member


There are different special features that make FriendFinder-X stand out above others. They include: 

Live Action

This feature allows users to stream the live video of only verified members. Some professional models also air their videos live. The fun part of this feature is that these individuals can display a lot of erotic and sexual content during the live-action.

FriendFinder-X has several Webcam streaming videos for models. Also, there are over 3k users that stream these videos. You can expect an average of 400 models to stream in a day with over 55o users ready to stream.

Hot or Not

This feature is a top choice for matching. You will see a picture at the top of your screen for you to react with a Thumbs Up or X. Thumbs Up show that you enjoyed that picture while the other member is notified. X will bring another image for you to view.


You would agree that sex is a major part of relationships. Oftentimes, the challenge for many is that they do not have sufficient knowledge about sex. You can learn how to spice things up by learning from the magazine.

There are different articles and other sections you can check to know the things you can do better.

Sex Academy

The Sex Academy is not available to every member but for gold members only. As one would expect, the feature is to educate others about sex. There are different courses the gold members can learn to enhance their sexual life and get better.


FriendFinder-X allows members to share and sell their animated icons. These icons are referred to as blings on the site. Some members can decide to sell theirs for free.

Erotic Stories

You can read sensual erotic content here. The stories can be personal sexual escapades or fictional. You can choose to read other people's stories or even share yours for other users to pass their comments.


There are different contests that happen several times on the platform. Both paid and free members can be a part of the contest. However, they have to submit entries and any entry with the highest vote wins the contest. The winner is often credited with a gold membership subscription for free.

Adult Movies

As you would expect, adult movies are available on the sister site, AdultFriendFinder. This feature allows members to watch as many adult movies as they may desire.


You can join Friendfinder-X as a free member. This implies that you do not need to input your card details while registering. Here is a list of benefits you can enjoy as a free member:

  1. Creation of profile

  2. Being a part of the Blogs and Groups

  3. Join Chat rooms

  4. Streaming webcams of a live session of other members

  5. Liking images and videos

  6. Being able to view, like, and comment on contest pictures.


Also, there are premium membership features. You may experience restrictions with communication as a free member. However, you can show more commitment by subscribing to its gold membership. In turn, you will be awarded “Standard Contacts” as a monthly add-on.

The Points and Tokens function like App currency. You can also use it to send virtual gifts. There is a fan club for Live Model which is 14.95 USD per month. This gives unrestricted access to private webcams, video galleries, and particular pictures of a model. The top features for a premium member include:

  1. Being able to send and view messages

  2. Send friend requests

  3. Viewing full-size images

  4. Send flirts

  5. Examining the sex academy courses

  6. Unlimited access to Magazine


Here is what the pricing system looks like:

Gold Membership

  • 40 USD for a month

  • 81 USD for three months

  • 240 USD for twelve months

Standard Contacts

  • 20 USD for a month

  • 36 USD for 3 months


  • 12 USD for 100 credits

  • 185 USD for 185 credits

  • 50 USD for 500 credits

  • 99 USD for 1,000 credits


  • 3 USD for 200 credits

  • 6 USD for 500 credits


You can make your payment via Debit Card, Cheque, Credit Card, and Cash. You can keep your payment discreet. Your billing cycle can renew automatically at the end of the month.

Is FriendFinder-X Legal?

Scammers and fake users are definitely a part of the 90 million users on the platform. The only difference from other sites is that there are fewer fake members on Friendfinder-X. The reason is because of the constant review that the administrators employ to clean the site.

Similarly, most users block scammers or report fake profiles that may be on the site. This act has made the platform a safe space.

The platform is for anyone that may be 18 years or more. You will find users across this age bracket as some older people want to connect with younger minds. Based on research, the common age group for users is between 26 to 35 years.

Safety on FriendFinder-X

FriendFinder-X may not have an app but the site assures a high level of safety. All you need is a smartphone to access the site. Once you become a member, you are good to use the platform for your desired goals.

Based on the general comment, you will be satisfied with the performance of the website due to its convenience. Also, users do not need a plugin to access FriendFinder-X. In any situation where the site may load, you should check your internet to be sure it is good enough.

The truth is that the platform prioritizes its members. As a result, its terms of use are of a standard industry. It also upholds the US and EU privacy safety standards and regulations.

No one can track your location with your FriendFinder-X performance. All privacy is respected and treated with the utmost honor. In the same vein, no third party can access the site to know your details or location.

You can report abuse if there is any case of that. Also, you can click on the Block option to avoid scammers. Such a member cannot contact you anymore. It is advisable that you do not give money to anyone that may be soliciting funds – it is against the purpose of the site.

You can reach out to customer service via mail or the site if you need assistance with anything.

Which countries does FriendFinder-X Support?

FriendFinder X is only available in English. Nevertheless, you will find several users communicate with one another in different languages. This implies that you can communicate in the French language with another user that can speak the language.

In addition to no language barrier, the site is available in several countries across the world. It seems as if the bulk of members are from the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

FriendFinder-X belongs to the FriendFinder Network. Its headquarters are in Florida and Boca Raton. However, there are several branch offices in different countries of the world. You can be assured of their quality of services.

Why should you choose FriendFinder-X?

A major reason many people prefer FriendFinder-X over other platforms is because of its classy and appealing design. You would love the adorable interface with quality features. These features help to easily navigate the site.

You will find its icons in the main menu. This is structured with a house that has an envelope, a chat bubble to chat with others, and a bell to indicate notifications. It has a search option to check other members and even apply filters.

Registering on FriendFinder-X does not come with any hassle. Within five minutes, you can complete the registration process. The site gets your location and all you have to do is resolve the gender differences and other details like zip code, email address, location, and age.

After filling in the details, you are to create the username and password. Other optional details are your sexual orientation, body type, marital status, race, and the "About Us" section. You will receive an activation link to get started and log into your account.


Another reason the platform is a top choice for many is because of its “Send Message” feature. There is a field for your message. You may need to be a paid member to use this feature. Nevertheless, you can like images and videos as a free member.

There is no reason to be worried about how legal FriendFinder-X is. As a matter of fact, it will satisfy your longings as the community helps to land casual dates and hookups, and improve your general sexual life. It is highly recommended among other popular names.

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