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SexFinder Review


Overall Review

Sexfinder is an adult dating site for relationships. It is a reputable choice that has grown immensely to be people’s choice. Little wonder, there are more than 80 million active members on the site even in its few years.

New members will love the site as they are introduced to other sexual experiences. They can learn from like-minded individuals till they get a partner. Different users have expressed their secrets and fantasies to get the right partner.

The platform has impressive usability features and exclusive profiles for newbies to easily navigate through the site. Its success story is encouraging as there are diverse sexual orientations. You would love the communication features on the platform.

These features may be expensive but you would get a good monetary value for them. Gold membership remains the best package to enjoy all its exclusive features. The major goal for the site is to get an ideal match that is not far from your country (they may be in another country for individuals that love long-distance relationships).

Some people prefer to try out their first days as free members. They can progress to become gold members if they are pleased with being gold members.

Pros and Cons

You do not need to be tech-savvy to use Sexfinder. Various people have similar erotic pleasures. This dating site contains all classes of people from singles, and swingers, to couples. You just need to indicate your preference.

It has a search tool to look for potential partners in your immediate location based on your sexual preferences. The highly rated site rewards its members with maximum satisfaction. Filter options can be applied to the search tool to take full advantage of the site.


  • The platform has many active users for others to connect

  • Users are purpose-driven

  • Quality features for members to navigate the site

  • Customer support is excellent as they are available 24/7

  • A community for members to interact with other people and even learn more

  • Fast process of registration


  • No free period of trials

  • Not a platform to get a serious relationship


The Sexfinder site has an app to make usability easier for people. There are several features on the site and app that may interest potential members. The app is free, easy to use, and proper to share media.

The disappointing part is that the Sexfinder app is only available on iOS devices and not android. Here are the top features for either the app or site.


Users can be a part of these communities not only to connect or land a hookup. They can learn more about how to improve their sexual performances in these communities. Different topics are often up for discussion. These communities are educative and informative.

Search Tool

A big advantage you would enjoy on Sexfinder is the combination of matchmaking and the use of search tools. Matchmaking suggests other users for you. Oftentimes, your likes and interests are the major basis for these suggestions.

However, you can take things a step forward with the search tool. The tool is to help you streamline your choices to specific results. You can apply specific filters to your searches to get more desired results.

Both free and paid members can use their search tool. Although, there is a limit to how many filters a free member can apply.


Blogs are different from communities in that you cannot comment on the posts. You can only read them and learn. However, many users love this column as they have learned about how to be more fetish with their partners.


Messaging feature allows you to compose a message for a fellow member. You can attach images, flowers, smiles, albums, and several other portions. Click on send after you have composed these messages.


There are contests that exist within the platform. It is a game that allows members to earn points. These rewarding points can provide access to some extra features of a paid member.


Pricing is another important factor to consider while using the app. You predicted correctly; paid membership has more benefits than being a free member. The pricing system is not expensive as a user can pay for 12 months.

  1. 1 month of a paid membership for $39.95

  2. 3 months of a paid membership for $78

  3. 12 months of a paid membership for $239

  4. 12 months of a paid membership for $107 for standard membership


There are some benefits for free members. They are:

  1. Free members can use their webcam to interact with other members of the group

  2. Instant messaging to communicate with other members of the platform

  3. Free members can customize and edits their profile based on their convenience

  4. They can create a Hot List that can accommodate up to 200 members for easy reference

  5. Free members are allowed to upload their pictures and videos for other members

  6. Free members can be a part of the chat rooms


The advantages of gold membership are more enticing than free membership. They are as follows:

  1. Gold members can engage in live sessions with every member on their list

  2. They have unlimited access to instant messaging and direct messages service

  3. Gold members can share friend requests and flirty messages

  4. The members can use the advanced search feature

  5. Gold members can be a part of contests in various communities

Is SexFinder Legal?

Sexfinder is a legal website. There are several online hookups and dating sites that may be a scam. The good news is that Sexfinder is not a part. It has no previous record of a data breach as common with different platforms in 2016.

Also, it is easier to see someone who is on the same page as you. As an adult dating site, the minimum age for any member is 18 years. Moreover, most users are between age25 of 34 years. Nevertheless, you may see other members that are as old as their 50s or 60 years.

Many members are not on the site to mess around. They have specific needs they want to meet. Hence, it is impossible to not get the desired result on the platform – always know that many people want what you want too.

There are catfishes everywhere. They only have a goal – either to scam people of money or to hack their profile. They are not fans of long conversations but prefer to have short ones. They want to know your email, password, and number.

Some even go further to pretend to be foreigners in your location. They may be bad with grammar and even spelling. You can also ask them about events in your country to know if they are not catfish accounts.

Some scammers can send a redirect link where you will be asked to enter your email and password. Know that they will get those details from you once you input them. These are important tendencies you have to watch out for and avoid like a plague.

Feel free to report your suspicions to the appropriate quarters.

Safety on SexFinder

Safety on Sexfinder is without question. It has a solid encryption feature that makes it safe for different users. You have no reason to worry or panic about a possible leak of data. It is a safe site with full authenticity and legitimacy.

Its safety accounts for a high success rate. There are several reasons many users believe Sexfinder is a safe platform. Based on the general opinion, there are more advantages as compared with disadvantages. A striking advantage is its matchmaking facility.

With its good navigation, it is easy to surf the site and apply filters in a bid to get an ideal match. The site is full of people who share the same passion as you. its design and usability are great and that's the reason people easily become stuck to it.

Customer support is another assurance about safety on Sexfinder. You can reach out to customer support if you have uncertainties or complaints about a service. You can go further to report another user who you think may have an ulterior motive to be on the platform.

Additionally, you can prevent such a member from being able to access you. There is a block feature that shuts such a person out of your profile. This top-notch customer support is a major reason for its success record.

Finally, it is important to note that you must display responsible acts as an adult. You should be careful how quick you are to trust people you met on Sexfinder. Just like everywhere, there are scammers who want to hack your profile. Do not share your details with a stranger because they are chatty.

Which countries does SexFinder Support?

Sexfinder is available in several countries. It is no surprise that its headquarters are in California, USA but has now spread to various countries around the globe. However, it is more common in some locations than others.

Sexfinder is available in 11 languages. This includes English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. This means that Sexfinder supports any country that speaks one or more of these languages.

You will find its other representations in Australia, Queensland, and Singapore. You can access the site from any country you are in. The challenge some countries may face is because of the governmental authorities put in place – some do not allow their citizens to have access to online explicit content.

Other countries that have no restrictions can examine the quality features in different communities. These include groups, blogs, bling, contests, sex academy, magazines, and erotic stories. Check the hottest videos, images, and albums to know the top members.

Why should you choose SexFinder?

You can choose between the site or app as an iOS user. On the other hand, an android user is limited to the site alone. Whichever case you belong to, know that Sexfinder is easy to use platform to connect with the perfect hookup.

Its assured level of success has been the reason many users are on the platform. The site has been established since 1996 but there is no record of a data breach. This means users have no reason to panic about their personal information.

You can reach out to the support for assistance as regards signing up, inability to make payment, suspicious activity by another member, or any other reason.

If you have landed your ideal match, you can unsubscribe from being a paid member. You can even proceed to delete your account in the "Close Account" section. Once you confirm, you will receive a goodbye message and be asked to provide an optional online survey.


Sexfinder is a proper meeting for two members that want to meet new people and mingle with them. You can meet individuals who want a serious relationship and those just down for the flings. Once you decide what your purpose on the site is, you can get started.

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