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Best Hookup Sites in 2023

Top Hookup Sites for Casual Sex to Get Laid


  1. Largest hookup site for adults and casual sex, over 90 million members.

  2. Any types of hook up, swingers, threesome, group sex, flirt, one night stand, no-string attachment, casual hookups.

  3. Unique features: Live cam chat, video chat, sex community.

  4. Support all people who are from all over the world.

4.9 / 5


  1. Best married hookup site, have an affair and start cheat, find hookup and sex.

  2. For students, lonely housewives, married men, singles, retirees and everyone.

  3. Nice hookup site which support Android and IOS app.

  4. Support 46 countries and region.

  5. Discreet and stay safe on AshleyMadison. 

4.8 / 5


  1. Awesome casual hookup and personal site for singles and couples.

  2. Sexy member photos and videos on the site.

  3. Support 10 languages.

  4. Affordable price and great paid features.

4.6 / 5

  1. Adult personal and hookup site for singles and couples.

  2. Special features: sex shop (with freebies), NSFW safe mode, who's cute, live cam.

  3. The longer you buy, the better the price, 3 months is recommended.

  4. Find sex on the bed.

4.5 / 5


  1. Having an experience like the name of the site is a very good hookup site for sex finders.

  2. Over 40 million members. Easy to find sex partner for casual.​

  3. Be a part of international, sex-positive community.

  4. Free to join and easy to sigh up. 

4.5 / 5

  1. Best BDSM hookup site to explore role play.

  2. Various bdsm and kinks fun: bondage, fetishes, dom and sub.

  3. Easy to find bdsm partner based on 1.54 million members including bdsm singles and couples.

  4. Support 9 language.

  5. Affordable price.

4.4 / 5


  1. General adult dating site to find sex match.

  2. Friendly with single men, single women, FF couples, MM couples and M/F couples.

  3. Find adult fun and casual hookups.

  4. Over 2 million members who are looking for hookups and casual sex.

4.2 / 5

Full Review


  1. Great dating site for threesomes, swingers.

  2. A nice unique feature to help singles and couples find a threesome easily.

  3. An open community where you can explore kinds of sexual activities.

  4. Over 40 million members are looking for casual hookups and sexual.

4.0 / 5

Full Review

Best Hookup Sites & Apps in 2022 [Updated]

  1. AdultFriendFinder - Largest adult hookup site over 90 million members for casual sex, flirt and sexual fun.

  2. AshleyMadison - Best adult hookup and affair dating site for married people.

  3. Tinder - The best one of hookup apps on the web, just swipe left and right to find parters and start hookup and dating.

  4. FriendFinder-X - Great casual hookup and personal site for encounters and sex finders.

  5. OkCupid - Dating and hookup app for LGBT singles only.

  6. - Big adult hookup site and personal site for singles and couples.

  7. SexFinder - A hookup site to find sexual relationship and encounters, sex partners.

  8. - Best bdsm hookup site for fetish play and bondage fun, role play and other kink sex.

  9. Feeld - Casual dating and hookup site for meeting open-minded singles and couples.

  10. Getiton - A nice adult hookup site to match, meet and hookup, find sex partners.

  11. - Great casual dating site to meet local hot singles.

  12. Benaughty - Dating and adult hookup site for singles to find flirt and casual fun.

Our dating experts will regularly update or add the new sites. If you want to get the newest ranking of adult hookup sites and apps, please log in or register as our member, we will notify you of any updates, so that you can find best one on these hookup sites to get laid.

What's Hookup and How to Start?

What's Hookup?

The traditional definition: Hookup is a sexual activity between two sexual partners, but not in a relationship, such as one night stand, no string attachment, etc. Hookup is one of the most misconstrued ideas. Many people assume that it is an innovation for two sexual partner to get laid. The truth is that the act has been in existence since the foundation of the world. Nevertheless, hookup comes with exhaustion, drama, and possible emotional breakdowns. Let us take you through the hookup tradition and all you need to get started.

Hookup is not all about getting a partner for a sexual fling. You may be able to get laid this with a stranger man, a stranger woman or even a couple, even though the chances may be slimmer. Hookup is different because you can get exactly what you want. You can practice healthy hookups if that is what you want.

All this opportunity thanks to online hookup sites that allow you to find sexual partners who are near you. With hookup sites, you can send sexy messages, photos, videos with someone about your intentions for them. Upon agreement, you can know what to expect or otherwise, one night stand, get laid, casual sex dating or other hookups, expressing your desire clearly.

If you are sure both parties want to get laid, there is no point wasting time. In the same vein, one can develop feelings and want something to be more intentional. You can tell your hookup, they will either leave the relationship or express a similar feeling too.

How do you get started?

The most important rule in hookups is flexibility. You must be ready to mingle with different people and their sexual desires. Get ready for any awkwardness too. Sometimes, you may have to laugh and ignore the differences.

Here are the stages of this modern relationship:

  1. Be open about your desires. In as much as you are ready to mingle, you can be open about your desires too. You will need to include these fantasies while creating your profile. Your desires can be gender, sexual orientation, race, and other conditions. It's better to write about your desire and what kind of sex partner you want to find in "About Me and About My Match".

  2. Get their attention. You need the other party to notice you. There are several features you can employ to get people’s attention. Several hookup sites have these features. Explore them and get the necessary attention.

  3. Sharpen your hookup lines. Once you are certain about what you want, you need the perfect line to woo them over. You need the perfect texts and lines to seduce your partner. It is all about how you maintain and sustain the conversation. You may need to be sure the other person likes you. However, your hookup line can achieve this. Do not use boring lines like, “Hey!” “What do you do for work?” “What are you doing?” “How are you?”. Rather, you can use lines like, “How did your day go? Is there anything I can do to make it better?”. You have to show you care, no matter how little it gets.  Other tips are;

  4. Ask her out

  5. Maintain the flow of conversation

  6. Prepare to meet up with your partner

  7. Be direct

  8. Get ready to hook up

How Do We Review These Hookup Sites?

The most important question to ask about any hookup site is, what locations are the site available? All hookup sites must span across different borders. Anyone anywhere must have access to the site. 

Of course, you may explore any hookup site when you are ready. However, it will take much time to have some moments of a free trial or standard account to know the features, compatibility rate, and user-friendliness of the site. You may pay for a week and even a month to test these hookup sites and give a quality review.


However, none of this is necessary, professional dating experts on have already helped you test 90% of 200+ hookup sites on the web and ranked the top hookup sites according to strict screening criteria. If you're wondering how we're ranked, see how we filter by those criteria:

  • Number of Website Users

A strong social media presence is important in today's parlance. Thanks to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, and more; the world has become a global village. A strong social media presence will help to judge how genuine the platform is. You can estimate the number of users from the engagements on their social media platforms.

  • Match Rate

Remember that, the match rate is the major reason for being on this site. Hence, it is important that the hookup site has a quality compatibility rate. This factor determines the kind of people you would relate with on the platform.

  • The User-friendliness of the website

Some hookup sites are easier to use than others. The friendlier it is, the more likely you can expect a large user base. A hookup site should keep it simple – you do not need to be tech-savvy to be able to operate it.

  • Privacy and security protection

Data hacks have been a common report with hookup sites. No one wants to have their privacy compromised. Hence, it is important to consider the security situation of the site before one commits to it.

Much more than data leaks, there could be a question about your card details. It is better to be watchful than to seek help from customer service due to loss of funds.

  • Customer service

Speaking of customer service, it is important that they are easily available anytime and place. A short wait time, solution-driven response, and multilingual abilities are important parameters to knowing reliable customer service.

  • Price

Hookup sites can be expensive. As a matter of fact, you will need a lot of money to land a partner. However, the price of a site does not determine its level of effectiveness. Consider more affordable choices that have great reviews.

  • Features

A major factor to consider is the communication feature of the site. The expression "it takes two to tango" is only fostered by communication. It is how you can know if a person fits your requirement or otherwise. Communication defines all about a relationship as it helps to avoid arguments and resolve other uncertainties.

Check if the hookup satisfies your expectation of the communication feature. You can read our reviews to see how much emphasis we award this feature.

The Benefits of Choosing Casual Hookup Sites: Find Hookups Quickly

There are several benefits to consider using casual hookup sites. Here are some of these benefits:

  • It saves time


Getting a match on hookup sites is easier unlike physically walking up to a random person on the street. Since it is a hookup site, everyone on the platform shares a similar purpose. It is easier to find someone who wants to get laid like you. if you are a standard member, you can land a sexual partner as early as your first week on the platform.

  • It is cost effective


You may wonder, how is it cost-effective? The truth is that trying to get a reliable or trusted person physically may mean you have to spend a substantial amount first. You have to do different trials before you get the perfect match.

Adult sites have varying experiences. You only need to subscribe to a plan – weekly, monthly, or yearly. With that token, you will get an intentional person on the platform.

NB: Do not send money to other users on hookup sites. They may be scammers. If at all you want to share money, you can wait till you meet in person.

  • Great matchmaking


Compatibility seems to be the biggest benefit of joining casual hookup sites. Of course, you will land hookups quickly; however, there is a heightened chance that you will be matched with someone compatible with you.

Upon your profile creation, you will be required to choose the kind of partner you would love to be with. The algorithm of the site uses such information to connect users. You can rest assured that most compatibilities are great since they are based on your inputted details.

Know that you can try as many adult apps as desired at a go. The math is simple; the more sites you are on, the higher your probability of getting the perfect match.

  • An easier way to start


The journey to a thousand miles begins with a step. However, you can complete the journey to having a sexual fling or partner with a single action of joining an adult site. All you need is a functioning smartphone and a reliable internet connection.

You can create your profile, and add important information about you, your beliefs, hobbies, and traits. Upon getting different matches, you can assess and determine if you are interested.

Also, there is no reason to panic during online conversations. You can make the whole atmosphere less tense, unlike a physical meeting.

What Main Features You Can Use on Hookup Sites?

There are several features peculiar to different hookup sites. Based on our reviews, there are two categories, namely:

Main Features

  • Message

The message feature seems to be the most important feature on an hookup site. You want to connect with several users and have proper conversations. Definitely, that is how to know more about them and develop your existing relationship.

  • Filter Search

The filter search helps to get more specified results. You can search for any kind of person you desire – only apply filters to your search. For example, if you just changed your location, you can include the new location in your next search. The results will be streamlined to people in the region.

For paid members, there is an “Advanced Search” feature. As you predicted, this feature supports the use of more filters than the basic search. However, it is not for every person on the site.

  • Live Cams

Live cams are more exciting approaches to see what another member may be up to. it is a better way to be certain the member is not a bot or an imaginary user.

More so, live cam helps to be engaged with top models on the site. You can derive all the satisfaction you want from these live streams. The video quality is adorable and you do not need to worry about your data usage.

  • Adult movies

You are on adult sites; you should get ready to enjoy some adult content. Adult movies are different from live cams because the movies are pre-recorded. All you have to do is access the gallery to watch as many videos as you desire.

Unique Features

  • AFF hot or not

The AdultFriendFinder hot or not feature is peculiar to AFF and X-FriendFinder. The feature helps to create a list of several users that you think may be hot. If you think they are not, you can swipe such profiles away.

You can easily reach the categories added as hot. Similarly, you will never see the other sets of users again on your feed.

  • Sex academy

A beautiful side of adult sites is not just the entertainment. You can learn and know more about sex. This educative forum has blog posts, discussions, and question-and-answer sessions. However, it is not peculiar to every hookup site.

Paid or Free Hookup Sites?

Are you wondering between which to choose, a paid or free hookup site? Well, the answer is straightforward but also dependent on you. Here are the pros and cons to help you make great choices.

Pros of Free Hookup Sites

  • Obviously, there are free.

You can use as many free hookup sites as you desire. No one will stop you from having multiple accounts; not even your bank account.

  • As a free user, you have no reason to worry about scammers.

Most free users do not put in their real details. Hence, there is no panic about data hacks or possible fraudulent activities.

Cons of Free Hookup Sites

  • There is little or realness of users.

Members do not care who they meet on the platform. Almost everyone lives with a fake profile but hopes to meet a real user.

  • Security is not prioritized.

Since their members are not paying, the site owners do not pay much attention to free users. No protection of their data or upgrade of the system for better user experience.

  • Limitation in features used.

A free user does not have the luxury of features to use. They can only deal with the available features and may be unable to communicate with other users as they may like.

Pros of Paid Hookup Sites

  • Paid Hookup Sites have unlimited features.

You can use as many features as you desire. As a result, paid users always have a better experience with the site.

  • More Priority to Security

Unlike free members, paid adult hookup sites are essential to the success of a site. Hence, the sites do not trivialize their security structure. Any unpleasant experience may be the end of the site.

Cons of Paid Hookup Sites

  • The cost may be too much

The major challenge with the paid hookup site is that users feel the price is not worth it. Some people are uncertain as to their degree of success. Eventually, they may pay but get no return for their money.

  • Risk of data loss

It will only be worthwhile to use an accurate profile as a paid user. However, there have been cases of data loss with some adult hookup sites in 2015.

You do not have to join expensive hookup sites. There are cost-effective paid websites like Adultfriendfinder,,, and

What Types of Hookup Sites You Can Find Here? offers various types of hookup sites, including:

  1. Adult hookup sites - General adult hookup sites for meeting sexual friends, find sex match near you.

  2. Affair dating sites  - Best affair dating sites for married men, married women, students and other singles.

  3. BBW dating sites - Best BBW dating sites for BBWs, plus women, curvy singles to find like-minded BBWs or admires.

  4. Black dating sites - Best dating sites for black singles.

  5. Bisexual dating sites - Bisexual dating sites for bi singles and couples looking for third woman, hookup or sex match.

  6. Gay hookup sites - Best hookup sites for gay men who are looking for casual sex, hookups and sexual fun.

  7. Threesome sites - Best threesome sites for hookups, third partner into bed or long relationship of three way.

  8. Swinger sites - Best swinger sites for swinging couples to find couples or swingers, joining swinger party or group sex to have fun.

  9. Cuckold sites - Best cuckold sites for cuckold couples, bulls and hotwives looking for sex, hookup.

  10. Transgender dating sites - Best dating site for trans women, admires and others who are looking for transgenders for love.

  11. BDSM sites - Best sites for BDSM hookup, bondage play, fetishes, kink sex.

  12. DDLG dating sites - Best dating sites for Dom daddy and little girls.

  13. Sugar daddy sites - Best sugar daddy sites for sugar daddies and sugar babies, looking for sex relationships, casual hookup or finance supports.

  14. Senior dating sites - Best senior dating sites to meet singles who are over 50.

  15. Backpage alternatives websites - Best replacements websites of Backpage, find the backpage alternatives websites.

  16. Craigslist alternatives sites - Best alternatives sites for craigslist to find casual hookup and adult sex.

  17. Casual sex sites - best casual sex sites to find hookups, one night stand and no string attachment relationships.

  18. FWB sites - Best FWB sites to find friends with benefits and casual sex online.

How to Choose The Right Hookup Sites?

This section seems to be the most critical part as it summarizes your activity on any hookup site. Different people have expressed several challenges they face when they have to choose the right hookup sites. Your worry is over as helps to curate the right hookup sites you need.

Read the following instructions properly to choose wisely. We conduct careful research to save our users' time. Since we have made the process easier, you can follow our cue.

  • Examine our ranking selection

Be assured that we conduct proper research before we rank these hookup sites. You can trust our expertise to make your choices. To clear all doubts, you can do a little background search on our suggested options.

  • Carefully examine our detailed reviews of these hookup sites

Know that we review these sites because of you, yes you. We want you to have quality experiences. Hence, we have curated detailed reviews about what you can expect from these sites. You would appreciate our perfect curation.

This final part is on you. We have provided all the relevant information you may need about these sites. However, you can have to choose based on the type of partner you want.

A sexual partner or a long-term relationship? Your choice will determine which site you can join and even afford to be a paid member. So if you want to look for casual hookup to get laid, HookupSelected will be your best coach to help you do the choice.

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